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The Black Death

The Black Plague radically altered the social and economic aspects of European society that were not only felt at the time of the plague but long after which would guide the direction and quality in which European society moved after.I wanted to talk about the social changes that occurred because of the Black Plague such as serfdom being eliminated or even how the distrust in God and religion grew because people realized that religion could do nothing to protect them and also about how anti-semitism grew and forced the Jews to flee east. I also wanted to talk about life during and/or after the plague and the effects of it being seen in Art, literature and music. I wanted to examine the trauma of the Black Plague on society and what people did differently after because of it, and I would focus on Italy because that seemed to be the epicenter. You can bring in other countries as contrasting points.You might want to think about focusing on one aspect, like religion, and using that as a lens to look at some of the other topics like art, music, etc. There needs to be at least one PRIMARY source, for example something someone actually wrote during that time. This is not a report, this is an argument about why I think that the Black Plague altered Italy specially the Catholic Church and why. REQUIRED: 1 Primary source, 3 scholarly articles or books minimum, websites are acceptable if they are from a scholarly source, such as a university or established educational organization.include introduction with a thesis statement (argument about your topic)include basic information about event, including significant dates
4-6 body paragraphs containing specific evidence to illustrate your points and make connections to your thesis at the end
the primary source should be quoted/referenced in your text
BIBLIOGRAPHY: APA style. You can find proper citation information at
creating headings for primary and secondary sources
do not include the 5 lines of internet gobbledygook that you get on some of the urls. The homepage website is fine, but it needs to be cited appropriately for the format you have chosen.