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Hope you ALL HAVE READ THE Cask of Amontillado story by Edgar Allan Poe. Your task for formal asst. #2 is to write your own revenge story:

It can be a real story of revenge or one totally imagined or some combinationwhats known as fact/fiction
It should have a detailed description of an action taken for an offense committed that needed addressing
You dont have to follow Poes lead in not describing the offense requiring redressingthats up to you, you can if you choose to BUT the crux of the story is to be a detailed account of revenge exacted
It can end -if you choose- with a positive ending. For instance: An apology or: A reconciliation by both parties as they both acknowledge a hand in the discord between them Or: Something similar to Poes ending( I bet poor Fortunato never -even in his last moments-could actually determine what the actual offense was he had given Montresor.)

FOR EXTRA CREDIT: ONE MORE Question about Poes story:
In Pace Resquiescat–
Rest in peace. The question to consider is how this ending relates to Montresors earlier statement that he would get his revenge but suffer no impunity for it. If anyone can provide a well-considered and reasonable consideration of this, it would go a ways toward a better gradeA or better? Hint: WHO is actually mouthing that Latin phrase at the storys end?