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The Chinese physician Wang Shu He.

Hello, In this assignment I would like to ask if you could make power point presentation from the paper that I uploaded to this order. The presentation will be about the Chinese physician Wang Shu He. Please make sure the slides are not too crowded with the information, and you can add few figures if that makes the presentation looks better. Also, for each slide, I would like to ask if you could take the right description from the original paper or if too long you could summarize it, and then put it on a paper with a title shows which slide that description belongs to e.g: In the slide that describes the types of pulses, you will go back to the original paper, and go to paragraph 4, and then you take the important description that matches the information on the slide. On a paper, put the slide # and the description below it, and then the same thing with the next slide on the same paper and so on. I am asking you that because I want to put discerptions on flash cards and read each discerption with its slide. If you prefer to put each slides description in the note section below the slide itself, that is fine, you could do that, and you do not have to use a separate paper. Please let me know if any extra information is needed Thank you,