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The CRM marketing strategy mode; implementation by Harvey Nicholas

This is a marketing dissertation paper, I ALREADY finish other parts expect LITERATURE REVIEW, which means,you only need to do the LITERATURE REVIEW part(550 words) on my paper document.step1: read all paper instruction.step2: read and comprehensive my paper, so you can write LITERATURE REVIEW part with context.step3: use 15 reliable references support this part since this part is all about references. (all reference)Literature ReviewYou should identify and gather relevant information from reliable sources on the area of interest. You should NOT present the information you gather in a purely descriptive manner; the information needs to be analysed and critically evaluated. Theories should be included and critically evaluated, and theoretical frameworks could also be identified and integrated. The data gathered should also be examined in terms of what it does not cover, i.e., gaps in research must be identified. Information should be up to date, but may also include seminal works and further theoretical developments. The literature review is a written analytical discussion of research conducted in the area of interest from which the development of the research objectives can be observed.