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The crusades

– Introduction:
o (hook)
o Context/historical background: introduce your topic (time, what caused it,
what is it, significance): The Crusades.
o Summary of people/historians comments/opinions during modern era. (transition)o Thesis: This paper will compare and contrast differences/similarities between
people/politicians opinions during the crusades and historians opinions
during the modern era, and provide an analysis of possible causes for the
– (Body Paragraph 1 – optional): Talk about the topic in a more detailed way
o Cause of it, What it was about
o Significance:
– Body Paragraph 2: Opinions from crusades – must be detailed examples/evidence
o Topic sentence summarize the opinions of the people alive during the crusades
o Example 1 (quotation sandwich)
o Example 2 (quotation sandwich)
o Conclusion/summary tie the body paragraph to your thesis statement
– Body Paragraph 3: Modern historians opinions (exactly the same structure as Body
Paragraph 2 )
– Body Paragraph 4: Comparison: point out which part is similar and which part is different
Body Paragraph 5: Provide an analysis of possible causes for the differences/
similarities social, political, economic, or religious, etc. factors/aspects
– Conclusion: restate your thesis statement and link all the body paragraphs together
with the thesis statement.
All sources must be cited in footnotes, the first time a new source is referred to, the full title of book or articles author name, complete title, and publication data has to be given, there is a required bibliography as well.