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The Effects of War on Family and Society

The instructions are on Direction 1 and Direction 2 documents. They are all attached to this order. Also, please look at the feedback 1, feedback 2, and feedback 3 this will let you know why I received an F on my last PowerPoint. That PowerPoint is on the attachments too. Please do what my teacher ask so that I could receive a high grade on this assignment. Any one mistake she takes a lot of points off. This professor is, by far, my strictest teacher I’ve had yet! Also, you will see the “social science principle pdf.” this will give you some essential vocabulary I have learned in this class. When reading the directions, IF she asks to incorporate them, please do. Also, I will leave instructions for you to get on the website of my account to access the book if you need help with using the social science vocabulary to incorporate in the PowerPoint.Use as many references as you want to answer all the questions CLEARLY or vividly.For the PowerPoint, you will use speaker notes. The speaker notes are to let my teacher know what I will speak to the class from the essential points of the main slides. I hope that makes sense. When referencing information use full intext citations. Please have a reference page.For this PowerPoint, you are going to have to access my book through my account online to write the assignment correctly.PLEASE USE A VPNWebsite:Once you log in, go to Brightspace. This will give you the classes that I take. Go to social science class, then click the course menu, then click learning modules.