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The effects of wearing an ankle brace

Evidence-Based Biomechanics Principle Portfolio (EB2P2)The EB2P2 is a major assignment (term project) allowing the student to do in-depth study on thebiomechanics of a human movement of personal interest, reinforcing biomechanics principles, andapplying them to their personal or career interests1) A title page indicating a human movement topic of interest to the student. This can be any human movement, technique factor, injury, or biomechanical factor of interest to kinesiology professionals.2) An annotated bibliography of the five best original research biomechanics journal articles related to your movement topic.3) Each annotated bibliography entry should have a 3 to 5-sentence summary of the key results of the study and how one of the nine biomechanical principles relates to yourhuman movement topic.Each paragraph is followed by the complete citation to each article in the style of (APA) 6th edition.