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The history of Joliet, Illinois USA before 1865

Base the paper around the following question: What role did the local area (Joliet) play in the nations history until 1865?

A local history paper re-creates a portion of the historical experience of the American nation. The local area played a role in the larger story of America and this paper allows you to find out about the role your area played in shaping, or being shaped by, history.Start the paper by discussing the indigenous people who lived in the local area before the Europeans came. Discuss what they did for a living; what their religious beliefs were; investigate the type of dwelling they lived in, and the parent-child and husband-wife relationships. Then write about the first European explorers and settlers and how they interacted with the indigenous people. Why did the settlement mushroom into a major town? Find out the ethnic origins of the Europeans that came to the area, what they did for a living; what their religious beliefs were; and what their politics were. Then discuss how the area was affected by major historical events such as the American Revolution, Slavery, Immigration, Westward Expansion and the Civil War.