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The house of Bernarda alba act 1 and 2

write an essay of the house of Bernarda on the following two options.
Option 1:
Write a coherent essay, with a thesis, development, and conclusion
which answers this question:
How does Garca Lorca use symbolism in La casa de Bernarda Alba?
Remember that an essay must have 5 examples.
You can take into account the following:
a) The names of the characters
b) The house itself
c) The various colors that appear in the work
d) The cane, the photo of Pepe, the time of year, the sheep
e) The two anecdotes
f) A symbolic thing not discussed in class
g) A dimensin
Option 2: Based on specific examples in the work La casa de Bernarda Albade Federico Garca Lorca, write an essay on the author’s social criticism. Think, for example, of criticism in terms of social class (hierarchical society / classicism); gender (man and woman); oppression of women; religion; conservative morality; honor. Remember that an essay must have 5 paragraphs.

Thank you