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The last supper by Leonardo da Vinci

For the analytic type of paper, you are not making an argument. You are presenting information in an objective fashion without making value statements or otherwise engaging in persuasion / argument. However, let’s say you are researching one particular aspect of your topic, and the research seems to be contradictory; one credible source claims X, yet another credible source claims Y. What do you do? You report, in objective voice, that scholars differ and both X and Y are presented in credible sources. It is not your job to say that X is right and Y is wrong. Leave that to your reader

REQUIRED LENGTH: Due to the abrupt transfer of our class from a face-to-face format to online format, I have reduced the page requirement. The paper must be five full pages minimum and seven pages maximum. A paper not meeting minimum length will fail by default. A paper in MLA format does not have a cover page. The Works Cited page at the end does not count as a “page” in terms of page count, nor do any pages devoted to an appendix. I do not rely on word count; the page count is used to verify that you meet minimum length. See the “MLA Help” module on Canvas (or click the link near the top of this page) for much more information about MLA formatting.