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The Rape of the Lock thesis in the paper instructions area

In 6-8 pages, compose a researched argument on The Rape of the Lock. Your research paper will be an argumentative synthesis, so it must be governed by the arguable thesis. Your thesis is: Alexander Pope uses satirical examples and reactions in The Rape of the Lock to expose the hypocrisy of the societal roles of women.
1. Throughout this process, you should ask these two questions about your thesis:
1. What question is my claim responding to?
2. How important is my research question in the context of the sources I am researching?
2. Your research paper is an attempt to answer an important question that you have raised about a primary source (the text you are writing about). The answer to the question should take the form of an argument in which your thesis is supported.
3. While most of your evidence should come from the primary text itself, you will need additional support from expert (secondary) sources.
4. The expert sources you select should demonstrate that your argument is an extension of other preceding arguments by other scholars. Example: If you are writing an essay on Marlowes Faustus, you should focus on the play itself, but you also need to cite secondary sources by other scholars who have previously written about Faustus. Just as you must analyze material from Dr. Faustusto support your claim, you must also explain how the secondary sources you cite fit into the context of your claim.
5. Note that secondary sources can and should shape your own research. But they should not take over your own argument. Each secondary source you are using is an argument that also builds on previous ideas.
6. Although it is an addition to an ongoing academic conversation, your essay should be an articulation of your own voice.