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The relationship between mental health and the workplace.

A dissertation is an academic document created as a consequence of a student carrying out aresearch project based on a 2,000 word proposal. It is an extended piece of academic writing ofapproximately 8,000 words on a topic of your own choice, which has to be related to the subject areaof your degree programme. The fact that you choose the topic and focus of your research makesthis piece of work very different from any of your other modules where your ability to choose whatyou write about is restricted in some way. It also differs significantly from other modules in theexpectation that you take full responsibility for the whole of the work: its organisation, subject areaand content, the production of the literature review, the design of the methodology, the researchactivities, the analysis of results, the discussion of consequences, etc.BIRMINGHAM CITY BUSINESS SCHOOLASSESSMENT BRIEF: BUS6059 INTEGRATED BUSINESS RESEARCH PROJECT3Beyond the learning outcomes of this module, the integrated business research project allows youto develop and explore your own area of interest within your degree programme and it can becomea useful calling card for employment, graduate training schemes or further study. As you are incontrol of the process, (from problem definition through to the design of data collection and analysisin order to shed light on that problem), the integrated research project allows you to refine andconsolidate your research and communications skills. In fact, you should see that the whole processis highly relevant to many key employability skills.