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the romantic movement

Please answer the following question in about six to eight pages, double spaced. Please paginate in the upper right-hand corner and put your name and the name of the course at the top of the first page. You MUST have a citation for each paragraph – either a footnote or an endnote – giving the source and the page numbers from which you derived the information in that paragraph and ALSO provide a citation for each sentence with quoted material. The question: What was the Romantic movement according to Maurice Cranston? Discuss, 1) begin with a clear statement of his thesis in your opening paragraph, then 2) identify its main characteristics that were common to most countries, and then 3) discuss the distinctive forms that it assumed in Germany and one other country – i. e., explain the ways that the movement was unique in the two countries that you discuss. Include in your discussion an analysis of the impact of the Romantic movement on politics and religion as well as philosophy and literature in the two countries you examine. In your final paragraph summarize the impact that Late Romanticism had after the mid-19th Century, taking care to include its influence on European political developments and writings about the West in the United States. You may use Romantic texts mentioned by Cranston to illustrate what was distinctive about the Romantic movement in the two countries you discuss, but otherwise, your answer MUST be based on Maurice Cranston’s book and the Lecture Notes and must cite both.
for the paper, you need the book the romantic movement by Maurice Cranston.