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The Townley Discobolus

A major component of this course is a research paper that you are asked to write about an artwork of your choice from anywhere in the world and dating to before c. 1400 CE. You will need to closely examine images of your chosen artwork, conduct research on it and its original context, and write an analysis organized around a thesis (a central argument or assertion about the artwork) that synthesizes (brings together) your own observations about it with the information you learn from your research.Chosen artwork: the statue of Townley discobolusCentral argument or thesis: Why is the head of the discobolus so relaxed while the body is such motion. Does this head belong on this statue?Have at least 3 scholarly sourcesBe at least 1,250 words long, double-spaced, with 12-point font.Include images at the endlabeled as fig. 1, fig. 2, etc.that you refer to in the text. You must include at least one image of your artwork, and you may want to also include details, other views, or comparative images of other objects.Include properly formatted Chicago-style footnotes citing at least three appropriately scholarly sources relevant to your discussion.Include, and be structured around, a thesis. You should briefly introduce your object and clearly state your thesis in the introductory paragraph, and the rest of your paper should serve to support the argument you are making. If you are unsure about what a strong thesis statement looks like, more information can be found here.Include a title that relates specifically to your object and your thesis about it. Do not title your paper Art History Paper or something similarly generic.Be well constructed. Ideas should be logically developed in discrete paragraphs. Connections should be drawnor transitions madefrom one idea to the next and the full argument briefly restated in a concluding paragraph. Words should be carefully considered to convey ideas in the most precise or evocative way.Be grammatically sound. Proofread your paper multiple times before turning it in to catch any errors or typos. A handful of minor mistakes wont count against you, but you will be marked down if the paper has so many grammatical issues that it becomes distracting.Use a sufficiently formal tone. Academic writing generally avoids the first person (the pronoun I) in favor of a more neutral, third-person voice. Your writing should also avoid______________________________________In the pdf attached focus on the final paper portion.