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The Use of Rhetoric, Revisionism, and/or Storytelling as represented in The Handmaid’s Tale

Your final essay will require you to choose a topic revolving around the use of rhetoric, revisionism, and/or storytelling as represented in The Handmaid’s Tale. The discussion forum in this unit will help you narrow down your ideas into a manageable topic. After you have determined the direction you would like to take in this essay, you should do a little bit of reading since the essay requires two(2) secondary sources.

After this critical inquiry, you should read the below guidelines closely and complete your annotated bibliography for this essay. Please have your AB in one document and submit this document (acceptable formats – doc, docx, pdf) to this page by clicking the blue button on the upper right corner.

Annotated Bibliography is worth 100 pts

Annotated Bibliography Guidelines
(Please check the Rubric)

You are to submit an Annotated Bibliography (AB) with your outline. Your AB should resemble a properly documented MLA works cited page with a brief summary, evaluation, and analysis for each entry. See example below. Follow the MLA 8th format: Times New Roman 12 font, double space.

Your AB must contain at least two (2) secondary sources and 3-4 sentences summarizing and explaining how you expect to use the source and why you believe the source is credible. Try to answer the below questions for all your sources:

Summary what are the main findings of the book/article?

Evaluation is the source reliable? What education does the author have or what is the authority of the publication? (Try the CRAAP Test)

Analysis – How does this source support your research? Does it contribute to your topic, support your claims on your topic, or present opposing views for you to refute?