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Theories of gender, sexuality, race, geopolitics, & genre in the age of multimedia platforms.

Final Paper Assignment: Your final paper will give you a chance to think through some of the larger questions that we have discussed throughout the semester. You are encouraged to go beyond the film analyses that you undertook in your first two papers, and to consider film theories of gender and sexuality, race, geopolitics, genre, narrative, the avant-garde, documentary, 3rd cinema, counter-cinema, and the survival of cinema in the age of multimedia digital platforms (dont worry, some of this topics will be covered later in the semester). Your paper should be 4-6 pages in a 12-point size of a reasonable font, double-spaced with standard margins. Answer one of the following questions:Auteurism and Identity. How much creative control does the filmmaker actually have? And can the identity of the filmmaker have a major impact on a films politics of representation? Choose one film and write about the identity politics of its authorship. For example, in Persepolis, how does Marjane Satrapis autobiographical voice shape the films aesthetics of representation, as well as its multi-national co-production and distribution? Or what about other films weve watched where issues of gender/sexual, racial, and other intersectional differences appear less visible?Truth in Film. How does film represent the truth? Theres an old saying that in Classical Hollywood Cinema, the image never lies. In other words, seeing is believing in the classical film text. With documentary, its a bit different because the voice is often hierarchized over the image as the locus of truth and authority. Is this still the case in our era of post-truth, fake news, and rampant digital simulation? How do we come to believe in the things that we know, and what role does cinema play in this process of shaping our knowledge and beliefs? Focus on one example and analyze how this film represents the truth (or if what it represents as true is really to be trusted).Whither Cinema? Since the digital revolution (e.g. the rise of digital cinema and proliferation of internet streaming platforms), the death of cinema has been proclaimed so many times that weve all lost count. But what is cinema? When I watch it on a tiny screen by myself, is it still cinema? Define what you think cinema is, focusing on a specific film. It would be helpful to consider the exhibition contexts and distribution networks of this film, beyond its aesthetics of representation. (The Francesco Casetti essay will be very helpful for answering this question!)Write your own topic! We encourage you to think creatively about cinema, and to write this paper about the ideas and issues that are most interesting and important to you. Theres no better assignment than giving you the chance to formulate your own topic and argument!Feel free to choose whichever prompt, I included a cleaner version of this text as a picture.