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Thucydides and Human Nature

*ask support for the access to the book*This assignment is for my POLS 118 (Just War, Natural Rights and the Law of Nations) class.One book REQUIRED to write this paper and that is:Thucydides, On Justice, Power, and Human Nature: Selections from The History of the Peloponnesian War (ISBN 0872201686).I don’t have enough time to read the book so please read the ENTIRE book in order to provide answer to one of the questions.From these 6 questions, PLEASE pick one question and answer the question in a paper of at least five pages:1. With specific examples from the text, what seems to be the opinion of Thucydides about war? What causes it? Is it inevitable? Is it a part of human nature?2. Why do cities and tyrants want to have empire? Is it a worthwhile goal? Do they come to the same or different conclusions about these questions?3. What is Pericles view of the war? Examine Pericles first speech (I.139-146, funeral oration (II.34-46), and final speech (II.59-65)? Does he think the war is good for Athens? What does this tell us about his leadership? Do you agree with Thucydides judgment about it (II.65)?4. Thucydides writes a lengthy section on the growth of partisanship and rebellion in Greece (III.82-84). What lessons does this give us about politics and factions? What does it teach about power and law? Does what he says about the way we look at things apply to us today?5. The Athenians and Melians have a lengthy discussion about power and justice at the end of Book V (V.84-113). How do the Athenians justify their behavior towards the Melians? Why do they dismiss the Melian arguments? Why do they dismiss the Lacedaemonians? Are they right?6. Nicias and Alcibiades argue in front of the Athenian people over whether to undertake the expedition to Sicily in Book VI. What is the position of Nicias and why? What is the position of Alcibiades? How does he justify it? what do you think of their leadership of the Athenians?THIS PAPER WILL BE GRADED ON:1. Your ability to respond to the question that is asked2. Your demonstration that you have read the text3. Your understanding of that text4. Your own ability to construct an argument that is persuasive and reasoned5. Your comprehension of the issues involved in the problems the questions point to.6. Your ability to address those problems.The way to achieve a good grade on this papers and demonstrate the above:1. Know what you will argue before you sit down to writeif you need to write something to figure out what you are trying to say, rewrite it once you have figured it out2. Be clear about what you are arguingstate a thesis3. Make sure that what you include in the paper advances an argument and addresses the question4. Be succinctdont ramble or use run-on sentences5. Cite from the text to prove that characters or authors believe what you say that they believe.6. Read carefully to make sure you are not misinterpreting what you are readingits like listening closely to someone trying to explain things7. Come to a conclusion. Have the courage of your conviction, but an ability to explain why you believe what you do. Being wrong is not a problem. Everyone is wrong when they write college papers. Even professors are wrong frequently. But be able to support what you believe.8. Write carefully. Make sure you are saying what you mean to. Grammar and spelling mistakes show that you did not take as much time as you needed to in writing.9. Show your paper to someone else to point out writing/grammar mistakes, and to point out things that you might not have thought of.AGAIN you must have the book and read the entire book then provide answer to only one of the above questions. I need an A paper PLEASE do your best! Thank you!