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Title of assignment: critically discuss how organisational competitiveness can be achieved through the use of technology

AssessmentThis module is assessed via an assignment. The assignment will contribute 100% of the assessment.Assignment outlineEssay question: critically discuss how organisational competitiveness can be achieved through the use of technologyThere will need to be an introduction and conclusion in part AThis is a two-part individual 4,000-word assignment.Part A Critical literature review (3,250 words)Technology is widely considered as a stimulus that initiates growth and development for individual organisations as well as world economies. Accordingly, you are required to critically discuss the role of technologies in creating organisational competitiveness.Select two or three technologies from the list below: Big data analytics Artificial Intelligence Automation Robotics IoTYou are expected to support your arguments through the use of relevant examples and academic literature. Therefore, consider the following points in your assignment: How technology can disrupt Business models. Key theories discussed during the module such as christensen innovation Relevant real case study examples associated with selected technologies. How selected technologies have been applied across the different industries/sectors and impact made and why the same technology was not successful in other sectors/industries Critical insights into the application of the technology Challenges of applying selected technologies Factors which are needed in order to facilitate and drive the competitiveness in organisations for selected technologies Comparison between the selected technologiesEnsure any terms such as competiveness, disruption, innovation have been defined and referenced appropriatelyPart B – Reflective section (750 words)Critically reflect on what you have learnt over the course of this module and through the discussion boards, and highlight how you could drive innovation and competitiveness through technology in your own organisation, or in an organisation youve worked for in the past. Ensure you are using a reflective model framework such as Gibbs/Kolb . etc.As this section is a reflective piece of work, it should be written in the first person (I). As this is a personal account it is not possible to specify exactly what it should include, however you are expected to supplement your personal experiences with your understanding of how technology may or may not achieve competitiveness in your discussions. The following points indicate some of the areas you could explore: An evaluation of a recently implemented technology at your workplace. A critical discussion relating to challenges associated with technology adoption. Something unexpected that you discovered relating to technology.ReferencesAcademic Journal references between 30 – 35