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Toys R Us and Toyota why success and failure

Select one company that has had a major public failure as a result of:
1. Managerial incompetence or inexperience
2. Neglect
3. Weak control systems
4. Insufficient capital
examples: Enron,, Betamax, Swiss Air, Polaroid, DeLorean Motors
and select one company that has had major success as a result of:
1. Hard work, drive, and dedication
2. Market demand for the products or services being provided
3. Managerial competence
4. Luck
examples: Apple, Amazon, Wal-Mart
Submission Requirements:
Please submit a two-page paper, double-spaced, in 12 point Times New Roman font formatted in MLA style (click HERE for a sample paper formatted in MLA style). Be sure to address:
Important note:
Because the text focuses a section on a comparison between Blockbuster and Netflix, you may not write your paper about those two companies, but should select companies that will require research beyond the text.
In your paper, be sure to address:
1. Some basic background on each company so that we can understand the context for its success or failure.
2. The reason the company failed or succeeded and some specific evidence of their failure or success. This could come from a comparison of revenues or profits at two or more points in the company’s history, a direct quote from an appropriate authority, or from some other kind of appropriate evidence.
3. Why you feel they best fit the profile of failure or success within the context of the reasons given.
4. If the company failed, what do you think they could have done to prevent failure?
5. If the company is successful, what do you feel they can continue to do to remain that way?
6. Why you feel additional factors such as flexibility, innovation, or adaptability to market demands also contribute to company success or failure.
7. In what ways do you think the reasons for failure and success are attributed to the models of communication?