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Training Needs Analysis

The first step in the training process is to conduct a training needs analysis (TNA). The TNA consists of three (3) phases: Organizational Analysis, Operational Analysis, and Person Analysis.When conducting the TNA for your organization, consider the following questions:What areas or steps of the analysis process would you expand for the organization?Are there any areas or steps of the analysis process that you would remove?What data needs to be collected in order to conduct the analysis?Develop a training needs analysis (TNA) template. Include the methods and tools you would use for the following phases:Organizational AnalysisOperational Analysis (Task or Job Analysis)Person Analysis (Audience Analysis)3. Determine at least three (3) types of questions you need to ask during each phase of the TNA, providing a rationale for the questions4. Explain the process of your TNA and any changes or additions you would make to the model provided in the text