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Transfiguration Exegesis Paper based on text of Mark 9:1-8

The paper needs to be based on the text of Mark 9:1-8. Matthews and Lukes versions of the story will need to be addressed in the paper as well, but only as they compare and contrast to Marks story.

The project should be between 7-10 double-spaced pages. This is a target number, not an upper limit. Use 1″ margins and a 12-point Times New Roman font.

The exegesis paper should consist of necessary elements required for proper exegesis outlined in Guidelines for Transfiguration Exegesis Paper.docxPreview the document

Recommended sources for this paper can be found in the course resources module.

Use any of the following formats for the project: MLA, APA, Chicago Manual of Style, or Turabian. Please be consistent in using your format. If you start using MLA, stay with it throughout the paper. Do not invent your own format as you go or try to switch to another. The following are specific recommendations for exegesis project in this class.

Footnotes should be included.

Use subtitles throughout the paper to aid the reader with the paper’s organization.

Indicate the works cited at the end of the paper in the Bibliography section. List the sources in alphabetical order and do not number them.

Do not place publication information about the Bible version in the bibliography. Indicate the version within a parenthetical note within the body of the text.

Parenthetical note vs. Footnote. Parenthetical notes (in-text citations) limit one’s expression of research and often interfere with the flow of the text. With a footnote, one is able to include multiple citations as well as explanatory comments. Footnotes also allow one to be more issue-oriented and less source-oriented, for one can deal with issues in the text and sources in the notes. Thus footnotes are strongly recommended. If a student chooses not to use footnotes, he or she will not be penalized as long as one is consistent in his or her use of the aforementioned manuals of form and style.

Since this is an academic upper-level Biblical Studies course, the project will need to represent high quality work, evidencing up-to-date scholarly sources, critical and analytical thinking. Feel free to use other additional sources not posted in the Exegesis Project Resources. Do not settle for mediocrity and/or old sources when it comes to studying the word of God! Academic sources include critical commentaries, scholarly articles in theological journals and dictionaries, monographs, essays, etc. (but NOT simplistic online sites!). You must use at least 8 sources for your paper.