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Treatment of menally ill in the late 1800s vs today

Final Research Paper
Clovis Community College State Center Community College District
Dawn M. Lawrence (instructor)
Major Essay 2 150 points
Minimum Length: 7-8 pages 1800 words (not including the Works Cited page)
Rough Draft Due: 5/13/2020
Final Draft Due: 5/23/2020
Purpose: The last assignment is your Research Paper. Since this is a research paper,
you must go beyond the boundaries of your own knowledge by providing support from
borrowed material, though you may include some personal experience to introduce or
support ideas. Because no more than 10% of your final paper may be in the form of
direct quotations, most of your evidence from outside sources will be in the form of
summary (someone elses ideas in your own words and sentence structure). All papers
must include information from at least six reliable sources in a variety of formats
(books, journal articles, newspapers, interviews, internet sources, etc.) and you must
follow MLA style guidelines for a Works Cited page. In addition, you must demonstrate
proficient quoting and summarizing skills.
Persuasion Approach papers those trying to persuade or convince: If you are writing
this type of paper, you should:
Clearly state the problem as you see it, including both sides of the issue
Include a possible solution and an action the audience could take if choosing to
do the action.
Support your possible solution with a well-reasoned presentation and evidence
from outside sources
No ranting.
Problem solving papers those trying to negotiate or inquire: If you are writing this
type of paper, you should:
Clearly state and prove a problem exists using evidence from outside sources.
Propose likely solutions supported with outside evidence.
Explain how and why solutions will work.
Handle any opposition to possible solutions.
Be reasonable.
7-8 pages text then Works Cited page
Normal paper set up
Cover page

*i would like to use the persuation approach

must use all of these 6 sources
please relate the first and second sources listed, with an emphasis on the “rest cure” prescribed by doctors in the 1800s

I am going to attach previous papers i have written for this class. If you could try to write in a similar style to my previous writings, that would be very beneficial