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U.S Military Intervention in the Middle East

42 page thesis paper.
Current theory/ hypothesis are The United States will intervene in another states conflict, with military force when there is an economic gain for the United States.
Alternative Hypothesis:
The United States will intervene with military force to further establish its role as the leading world power.
Please use these hypothesis they can be changed a bit to fit with the paper but they should stay relatively the same.
The cases I have selected are Iraq and Libya. How the U.S used military intervention with the war in Iraq and how they did not intervene in Libya.
Realism is the main theory I used to support those hypotheses, but an alternative theory will need to be research for the Literature review and counter argument.
Use subheadings to organize the paper.
Include graphs and charts to the Methodology/ case selection part of the paper to prove your point.
Include bibliography.