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Understanding Management in Health and Social Care

Part 1Write a 500-word entrepreneurial management report summary proffering solutions to thechallenges faced in a health and social care organisationPart 2Using a reflective framework critically analyse your management approach to managing ahealth and social care organisation by reflecting on your previous experiences (2000 words).Analyse your experience through the critical functions of a manager acknowledging relevanttheories of management that can be applied to enhance your management capacity.I have attached copies of the metro Newspaper that I would like to base my 1st Part one 500 words on. I am going to base it on how I want to carry out a replica of what he team from achieved in syria in Northern Nigeria where Boko Haram has infriated and killing people. Leading to food shortages but with this idea I would like to use it to teach people how to grow their own basic crops they can eat while using old mattresses to achieve this.Part 2 is a reflective essay where we can use the First person for example ( I want to run or I want to sit).Please relate the reflection to working situations in the UK not America.Please use Harvard referencing in the text and Reference section. The Lecturer wants at least two references in each paragraph in the text of the essay. Please I would like a good Harvard reference as it is the most important part of the essay. Thank you