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Application in Our CourseIn this course, you will utilize research to broaden your understanding of the community you have chosen to study over the course of the semester. By synthesizing original analysis with insights from credible sources, you will take part in an existing conversation about what it means to be a part of your community, and you will think critically and concretely about a current problem impacting that community.Basic Elements of ResearchQuestions to Consider:Why does the problem matter? The answer(s) to this will guide you to your thesis statement.Has the problem always existed? If not, when did it start? How has the problem changed over time?Who has the power to solve the problem or change the way we look at it? Who has the most power/who has the least power?Who has an incentive to change the problem? Who stands to benefit from the problem persisting?What other structures would have to change for the problem to truly be solved? (for instance, if drug abuse is a problem and people abuse drugs in response to stress, do we need to fix the root problem of stress in order to cut down drug abuse?)What will be the consequences if this problem is not resolved? Short-term? Long-term? Who suffers most and least?How have people tried to solve this problem before? Where have they succeeded and failed?What kinds of resources are required to solve this problem? Where do these resources come from?Who doesn’t see it as a problem, and why don’t they? Who sees it as a problem, and why do they?What do people misunderstand about this problem? Where are they getting their information?Purpose:We will use this final essay to explore a major problem or issue that affects the community you have studied through your other papers this semester. Through research, you will engage with ideas about the roots of this problem and propose a specific solution, using a variety of credible sources to consider the feasibility and implications of your solution. In addition to requiring research, this paper will necessarily include the other rhetorical modes we’ve practiced with this semester–you are ultimately telling a story about your community, defining a problem, comparing and contrasting different potential solutions for that problem before ultimately laying out a specific process for achieving your own proposed solution.Requirements:Other Requirements: The paper should includeat least 4 sources, 3 of which must be from the library databases;NO general .com sources unless approved by the instructor;a properly formatted MLA Works Cited pagea clear proposed solution to the problem in your community you have outlinedsome discussion of the “other side” of the argument.Prompt:As we are focusing on community this semester, your Research Essay should identify a major problem within your community and propose a specific solution to that problem, supported by credible research from a variety of sources.