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Unmasking the State

After reading SWS chapter 10, and listening to the video lecture, “Unmasking the State,” please respond to the following questions in a 350 word response:

1. On page 232, Smith states, “There is a bit of contradiction then in thinking that the state is now going to be the solution to the problem it created in the first place.” — First, explain what she means by this; second, explain why you agree or disagree with her position?
2. Smith asserts that, “the ‘remedies’ that have been put forth by the mainstream anti-violence movement have often strengthened rather than undercut state violence.” In light of this, how do you feel the state can best intervene in matters of gender violence?
You will be assessed on your critical engagement with the course reading and how well you analyze the current event using the theoretical tools presented in the reading/lecture.