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Use either Aeschyluss Oresteia or Aristophanes’s Lysistrata, plus any of: Medea, the Iliad, the Odyssey, or Antigone and discuss the ways these texts reinforce or challenge ancient Greek attitudes.

Here are several requirements to keep in mind:
Present a strong, relevant thesis statement.
Make a clear argument that is the focus of the entire essay.
And make sure that it relates to the topic above.

Your final draft must have the following characteristics:

3-4 pages, double-spaced, with no extra spaces between paragraphs
Spacing must be consistent throughout the document. Do not insert empty lines between paragraphs
“3-4 pages” means 3 full to 4 full pages of essay text.
The essay heading does not count towards that length. Don’t include it when you compute the length of your essay.
Occasionally I receive essays that take the following form: the heading consumes the first half of the page; the essay ends somewhere on the third page, far short of the end of the page. Such essays don’t meet the lower length requirment. They are, at most, two-page essays.
12 pt. Times New Roman font (This is no longer MS Words default font!)
1 margins (Make sure your margins are correct)
Underlined or italicized title.
Your essay must have a title. And the title needs to be descriptive and helpful. “Final essay,” for instance, is neither helpful nor descriptive.
The document must be in Microsoft Word format (*.doc or *.docx). No other file format will be accepted. Microsoft’s online Office apps are free, and if you have a Penn State access account, you have access to Microsoft Office 365.
Indent the first line of each paragraph .5″
Block quotation is forbidden. If your essay contains block quotations, I’ll ask you to submit a rewrite.