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Use the writing process to write an argumentative research essay of at least 5 pages and 7 paragraphs to convince readers to accept your point of view (your position on an issue).

Use the writing process to write an argumentative research essay of at least 5 pages and 7 paragraphs to convince readers to accept your point of view (your position on an issue). As stated in Models for Writers, your argument must be carefully reasoned and thoughtfully structured to have maximum effect (Rosa and Eschholz, 545).

Choose a topic that can be argued/debated and that is interesting or meaningful to you. Consider controversial topics which may affect us locally or a current international/ global topic that you are very interested and invested in. If you cannot think of your own topic, please see the instructor for assistance. Remember your audience and that this is your culminating assignment for your college writing course; your topic will directly reflect your ability to think critically. There are some topics that may not be used for this essay (review attached document), such as the following: abortion, teen pregnancy, marijuana, domestic violence, eating disorders, racism, and gun control.

This IS a research paper. Use a minimum of 4 credible, scholarly sources. At least Two (or more) of these sources should be from the CPCC online databases (like ProQuest). You must include correctly cited in-text citations and a Works Cited page in the 8th edition of MLA style. Keep in mind that the Bible and the dictionary do not count as one of the required sources. Furthermore, Wikipedia, online blogs, and personal experience cannot be used as a source for this essay.

Your essay will be automatically submitted to SafeAssign to check for plagiarism. Plagiarized essays will earn a grade of 0. Please review the plagiarism policy as stated in the course syllabus.

The essay must be 5 full pages minimum, and include at least 7 paragraphs (introduction, at least three body paragraphs to support claim, two rebuttal paragraphs to explain and refute opposition, and conclusion).

Use MLA 8 format for title, heading, citations, and the Works Cited page. Your Works Cited page must be included but does NOT count as part of the 5-page minimum.

Word Choice:
Use Third Person Point of View and a formal tone. Avoid using, slang, informal language, and contractions. Include persuasive words such as should/should not, must, will, can, need to, etc.

Organization Advice
Introduction: Use the introduction to grab your readers attention and provide background information on the issue so your reader understands the basics of the issue. Keep your introduction objective.
Thesis Statement: Include your thesis statement in the introduction. Your thesis statement should express your position on the issuein other words it should express the point of view you plan to defend in the essay. The thesis statement is a single declarative sentence that includes three main parts: the topic, the claim (your opinion), the reasons that support that claim (written as a so or because statement). examples:
Gambling should not be legalized because it is destructive and addictive.

The death penalty should be abolished because it is inhumane and it puts innocent lives at risk.

(Notice that there is a clear position being argued in both and a clear reason (the because statement) provided in both. Identifying only two points does not mean that I am limited to only two support paragraphs in the body of the essay. With regard to the gambling statement, I could devote 2 paragraphs to explaining how and to what extent gambling is destructive and spend two more explaining how and to what extent it is addictive. Keep in mind that this essay is not a five-paragraph essay. You will have more than five paragraphs. So think of this assignment as expanding on the basic five paragraph format.

The body of the essay must consist of at least five paragraphs which will encompass the following:
At least three reasons developed to support your position (though you can certainly include more reasons). These reasons must be supported by research. Using my gambling example, I might develop the following three reasons that support my claim: Destroys families, Destroys careers, and Becomes an addiction.

Again: Each reason does not necessarily equate to one paragraph. You might devote multiple paragraphs to explaining one reason.* Two opposing views: consider two possible objections to your claim. Explain what those objections are. Refute (argue against) them. You can also use research in this part; however, it is not required.

The conclusion. Consider using your conclusion to emphasize your claim (do NOT repeat your thesis statement exactly). Give your essay a sense of closure by summing up main points and leave your reader with something to think about.
Tips for the assignment:
Make sure you understand what you are expected to do. If you dont understand, ask. I will not tell you what topic to choose, but I will happily clarify argument and the basic requirements of the essay.

Choose a topic you already have some knowledge about. In the short time we have to develop the essay, you are not likely to learn everything you need to know about the topic before you write the essay, so its best to have a basis for the topic you chose.

Start writing and reading about your topic as soon as you have chosen it.

Remember, you are not writing a personal narrative. Try to make this essay objective. Avoid writing in first person (so no I, me, my or I think I feel I believe In my opinion)

Make sure to use MLA 8 format. For this essay, that means the students name, instructors name, course name(ENG111), and the date should be in the top left corner of the first page (double-spaced), followed by the title centered on the page; page numbers (students last name plus the page number) in the top right corner of each page, and the essay should be double-spaced throughout. See p.246 in Easy Writer for an example of what the correct heading and spacing should look like.

This IS a research essay. You will need to include in-text citations and a Works Cited page. On your Works Cited page, you should include ONLY those items that are cited in the essay.

This IS a research essay. You will need to spend some time actually reading and learning about your topic.

Please review all writing lectures and videos from the course. Re-watch the plagiarism prevention video. If you have questions about either of these before turning in a final essay, make sure to ask. All essays will be checked for plagiarism. Plagiarized work (including Self-Plagiarized work) will receive a zero.

Revise, revise, revise. Writing is hard work, no doubt, but revision is where the real payoff is; remember, also, there are resources at the college available to you (think Academic Learning Center).

250 possible points

*The link to the essay will become unavailable exactly at the close of the submission deadline.