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Using the Coronavirus (COVID-19) as your case study, highlight the similarities and differences in applying a medical model of health and illness as opposed to a social model in addressing a major health problem.

It is your choice to choose which essay topic to write on.. either the exact question I included in the topic about COVID..OR —“Describe the strategy used by the QUIT campaign of regulating plain cigarette packaging. Discuss how the strategy was successful, including the upstream and downstream approaches and their targets used within the strategy. Explain what we may learn and apply from this strategy regarding health interventions for other conditions”—I have included the rubric which needs to be followed exactly. I need this essay to be referenced with in text citations and an accurate reference list at the end. Try not to use sources older than 10 years. I need 7 references minimum. It must be 1600 words with only 10% forgiveness either way. thank you in advance 🙂