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Visual analysis of representation of Eastern European women in Western news outlets

Methods of Research in Media & Communications essay on Analysing Visual Material .3000 words (Appendices, figures & tables not included in word count)aim of this assignment is for students to demonstrate skills in designing & evaluating empirical research.(1) choose a research question(2) choose a method to examine this question;(3) employ methodology to gather data as if it were a pilot for a larger research project;(4) write up, focusing on a critical & reflexive evaluation of chosen methodology. Justify why particular form of visual analysis is appropriate method. Decide on sampling strategy for larger study & collect material for piloting yourvisual analysis (max 3 still images). Discuss method of visual analysis for selected material. could be semiotic, narrative, or visual discourse analysis. Reflect on how you dealt with potential biases & ethical issues in selection of sample material & choice of analytical methodology. Explain how you decided on codes or annotations for visual material. Conduct a preliminary visual analysis based on these codes or notes using method you have selected. Describe which changes need to be made to improve on analysis. Discuss whether the proposed analysis would be able to answer your research question in a full study with additional material & a more in-depth analysis of are not asked to make claims in relation to your research question on basis of this preliminary pilot study, but instead to focus on methodological implications of your pilot. assignment consists of design of a research project & critical & reflexive assessment of the use of a specific methodology.