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What are the pharmacological and non pharmacological interventions that would help deal with dementia for person above 50 years?

Assessment Details:The project is assessed in two ways:A 750 word proposal for a literature review which you pass or fail. This is not a summative assessment and does not go through to your final mark. The assessment criteria for this is asfollows:1. Students should demonstrate clear ability to design and briefly explain the course of aliterature review proposal at Level Six;2. Students should clearly show a systematic link between the stages of a research proposal from a clear and adequate question through to reflections on ethical issues and their challenges;3. Students should adequately demonstrate clear academic and writing skills at Level Six,showing ability to present a feasible literature review to follow.A 6,000 word literature review which counts towards 100% of the mark.The student is expected to carry out Critical Review Form – Quantitative Studies check list and CASP Checklist: 10 questionsto help you make sense of a Qualitative research.I have attached a document called VINCENT DISSERTATION, which is the first part of the dissertation, the Lecturer made some corrections and suggestion which need to be amended. I used one of your writers to get the first part which is the 750 words done but it was not done properly. So I need someone who really knows what they are doing please.I will download the both check list for the writer to cross check each article whether they are Qualitative or Quantitative Research.The Lecturer expect the student to use at least 9-10 peered reviewed reviewed Articles to answer the research question. writer please follow all the instructions including the downloaded ones called VINC 8 TO VINCE 12 all are very relevant and important. Above all please use Harvard referencing both in the Text and reference section. please please do the Harvard referencing very well as it is one of the most important part of the dissertation.