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What are two reasons that European nation-states are stronger than those of Africa?

Short answer questions: For these, answer seven questions; in general a good answer can be given in 2-3 sentences; half a page. If you answer more, I will only grade the first seven (10 points each, 70 points total)

1. Give two examples of a situation in which someone in Behind the Beautiful Forevers has to deal with corruption.

2. In Life and Debt (the film), the professor noted that across the period of structural adjustment, Jamaicas debt hadnt gone down, but had in fact increased substantially. Why did that happen?

3. What are two reasons that European nation-states are stronger than those of Africa?

4. What is free trade? What forces are pushing toward that goal?

5. One big effort in the development community has been to reduce the rate of absolute poverty (incomes of less than $1 or $1.25 per person per day). Where is one place where this effort has not been successful? Why?

6. What are two reasons that the richest countries in the world in places like the United States and Europe, while the poorest countries are in Africa?

7. What kinds of things/situations make it hard for the people in Behind the Beautiful Forevers to get enough food for their families?

8. Why is corruption a more serious problem in poor countries than in rich ones?

Essay 1 (30 points)
How did the IMF and the World Bank come to be? What do they do today? How have the IMF and World Bank contributed to the state of the world system today? How have they helped? What harm have they caused? How do they play different roles? Why do analysts and borrowing countries often link them together?
What role do corporations play in the world today? What are they? How do they affect the lives of people in richer and poorer countries? What positive effects have they had? What negative effects?

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