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What causes people to procrastinate?/ What is procrastination and how you can overcome it

There are several causes for procrastination:
indecisive to make decisions
dont know how to turn others commissions down
unable but still try to complete several tasks at the same time
lack of confidence(self-doubt)
easily get stuck in depression and think of negative consequences
(perfectionism: too afraid to fail expectations, being too cared about other peoples opinion, fear of failure)
or just simply low self-regulation(easily get distracted by social media or cellphone notification when working and putting those besides you.)
Downward counterfactual thinking (or overthinking, and overestimate the difficulty of the job, which scares you off. EX: math exams, essay. You try to make every detail perfect which is not necessary.)

who procrastinates? under what conditions they procrastinate?

there are two types of procrastinators: passive and active.
1. Active people tend to put off their tasks to the last minutes because they believe they will work better under high pressure, they can still complete and receive satisfactory outcome.
2. Passive people postpone because of the inability to act in a timely manner. Delay is not a bad thing, but procrastination is.

how it might effectively be countered?