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What do you think of Ant Financials mission and vision?

Business Strategy Summary (1-page)
What is Ant Financial and What customer problem is Ant focused on solving?
What do you think of Ant Financials mission and vision?
Is financial inclusion a viable strategy?
Competitive Positioning (1-page)
Ant Financial has stated that they are not competing with banks but rather enabling them. Do you agree?
If you were representing an incumbent bank, would you feel assured with the statement or would you address the threat of Ant Financial?
Assuming Ant wants to expand globally, what Criteria should they establish to evaluate expansion alternatives (1 page)
Identify 3-5 relevant criteria that should be considered in deciding among alternatives related to the key decision
How would you measure each?
What risks should they also consider?
Discuss and Analyze Three (3) Options to Grow Globally (2-3-page)
Define and explain each, provide reasoning, and explain how they fit the criteria
Your Final Recommendation (1-page)
Provide a recommendation for which option you think Ant should execute and thoroughly explain why.
C. Citations: In addition to the course eText and Harvard Coursepack, you must research and cite 7-10 external-to-course sources (articles, interviews, white papers, industry reports, journal articles, analysis recommendations, etc) to support your point of view and build your case. [If uncertain of citation methodology, please refer to MLA]

D. Here are the required formatting specs for your paper:

Length: 6-7 pages (no more, no less)
Line Spacing: 1.5, not 2
Margins: 1″ or less
Font: Tahoma
Font Size: 10-11 point