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What is flexible firm? What did Atkinson say about the flexible firm model in 1984?

this Order has 4 essays. Each Essay has around 500 words, so around 2000 words in total.
Please use 6 sources per question.
Please put the reference list at the end of every essay.
The name of this module is: Human Resource Management and Its International Dimensions.
I will upload the questions as well.
So 4 Questions,
Question 1 topic is Workplace Diversity
Question 1: What is meant by managing diversity? Discuss the business, legal and moral reasons why it is good to practice workplace diversity? What are the merits and demerits of managing diversity within the workplace?

Question 2 topic is Performance Management and appraisal.
Question 2: What is performance management? Explain the steps in individual objective setting for performance appraisal? What is 360 degree feedback? Discuss the benefits and disadvantages associated with the use of 360 degree feedback in organisations.

Question 3 Topic is Flexible firm model or organizational flexibility.
Question 3 Question is What is flexible firm? What did Atkinson say about the flexible firm model in 1984? What are the different types of flexibility? Can you describe them? What are the merits and demerits of different types of flexibility? What are the general criticisms of the flexibility concept? Is the concept a Myth or tale or is it relevant today?

Question 4 topic is Recruitment and selection
Question 4 is What is selection? Imagine you were the manager of Golden oil and gas petroleum company in the France, what would you consider before you choose or select someone to work in your company?
Imagine you are the manager of Best Italian Perfume Company and you have a new subsidiary firm in Malaysia, what factors should an employer consider before sending employees on expatriate assignments?