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What Is The Effect Of Watching Violent Films Among Children?

This project is a documented study: a visual presentation (PowerPoint) that centers on a question worthy of academic research in the field of film or film studies. You are essentially creating a visual research paper. You will present the same information, just with graphics and fewer words.FORMAT AND REQUIREMENTSSince you will still be doing research for this, it must still be in proper MLA formatting (TNR and 12 point font) and must include a Works Cited page. (For instance, if you choose to create a PowerPoint it would go on the final slide.)This presentation should be at least 15 slides long, not including your title slide or Works Cited page, and should reference at least 6 outside, academic sources. (You may pick from the 10 sources you used foryour Research Prospectus and Annotated Bibliography.)COPIES OF QUOTED AND PARAPHRASED PAGESAs on Writing #2, when you turn in the final copy of your paper, you must include copies (uploaded toCanvas) that contain all passages that you quote or paraphrase. To help me find them easily, please markthe passages by circling or highlighting them, or making note of which passages you used in the text boxavailable in your submission. If you do not turn in copies of your source material with the paper, you WILL NOT PASS the paper. These sources are considered a part of the assignment and must behanded in at the time the paper is turned in or the assignment is considered incomplete.(this is a continuation of the paper of the annotated bibliography ordered from writer 35500)