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What is the purpose of education from different perspectives? Use attached template to write this report.

This assignment is the final written report of your Basic Qualitative Study (name of the design) to answer the question: What is the purpose of education from different perspectives? Use attached template to write this report. In this assignment you will combine analysis of the data that you collected during your interview with the narrative data that was collected during the first week of class this is where ‘different perspectives’ will come from. All previous pieces (the design plan, your data sources, IRB letter, interview guide, and narrative coding sheets) will contribute and should be included in the final report with all necessary changes made.

In addition to previously submitted pieces, the final report write-up (the rationale, research question(s), methods, findings, and reflection) must synthesize the analysis of: (1) narratives, (2) additinterview transcript, and (3) your own voice as a researcher (positionality assignment and memos). Think about how you may want to title your report and how your writing will accommodate these 3 distinct dimensions/lenses/perspectives on the topic that we have been exploring this term. Remember that qualitative writing requires you to move flexibly between different meanings and themes generated by your research and highlight commonality and dis-junctions in human experiences.

First: use the coding report from Assignment #5 as your guide and go through these steps:

Type up the transcript of the interview (must be included in Appendix)
Apply codes that you constructed in Assignment 5 to this additional piece of data (must be included in Appendix)
Revise your coding scheme and book, if new data does not fit existing categories/themes (must be included in Appendix)
Re-visit your findings from Assignment #5: What additional insights about ‘meaning and purpose of education in life’ did you gain from additional piece of data? Do you need to tweak your coding scheme? Discuss your overall findings and your interpretations to answer your research question(s).
Second, think about all the documents you produced this term as a whole: What is the big picture? Is there one story that emerges out of these different pieces? Does one piece of data support another or does it challenge it? Do you see a shared understanding of the purpose and meaning of education, or do your participants appear to be in a disagreement with distinct voices? How does your voice contribute to this story? Remember that YOU (the researcher) is the ‘primary instrument’ in qualitative inquiry, so now is YOUR time to demonstrate how these seemingly disconnected data that you collected ‘makes sense’ to you.

Finally, use the attached template to write your report. The report MUST contain all required appendices. Outside references are encouraged. Use Hwang & Vrongisinos (2010) article in Module 8 as a model for your write-up and also as a source of additional perspective on the topic of our course.

This paper should be written using appropriate APA style. Length of the report should be 10-12 pages: 3,000 – 3,500 words (excluding Appendices and References).