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What were your results and explain what they mean on the survey?

This assignment has two parts and requires you to do research and cite your sources to earn full credit.

Following the requirements for written assignments (see syllabus), complete the following:

Part 1:

Complete the O*Net Interest Profiler and Values Assessment through My Plan to assess your interest and skills and see how they relate to the career you are interested in or currently pursuing. Write one paragraph for each survey answering the following: (10 points)

What were your results and explain what they mean on the survey?
Were you surprised by your results?
Did your results match a job you are already or have done?
Will the results change your career goals?
Part 2:

You will complete Part 2 by completing your work, saving it as a text document, and uploading it as an attachment.

Using the Occupational Outlook Handbook (Links to an external site.) (OOH) published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (Links to an external site.) (BLS), you will research the career you are interested in pursuing. In addition to the BLS, find at least one additional source using the EGCC Library Database that discusses your career. (25 points)

Note: If you are undecided about a career path, take this opportunity to research two careers that interest you.

Select the occupation you are interested in or currently pursuing and prepare a report addressing the following questions. Your answers should include specific information from your research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics AND the additional source you found using the EGCC library database. You must include proper citations for all sources used to earn full credit for this assignment.

What is the occupation you are pursuing?
How does the occupation fit your skills and interests?
What will you be doing in the occupation?
What is the necessary education and/or training?
How many jobs are there in the occupation currently?
Is the occupation projected to grow, decline, or remain unchanged? Why?
How much does this occupation pay in your geographical location? Include where you will be working.
Do you know anyone who currently has a job in this occupation? If yes, do you know what they like or dislike about the job?
Write a brief summary of what you learned by researching your career choice. Were there any surprises or possible roadblocks you discovered? Did this help you confirm your choice or did it lead to looking at other career choices or related fields?

Note: Please refer to the video on MLA citations in Unit 4 or visit Purdue OWL MLA Formatting (Links to an external site.) to cite your sources. You may also submit your paper to a tutor on Brainfuse to get feedback before submitting it for a grade.

Please submit Parts 1 and 2.