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Why does testing contribute to ongoing inequities in education?

Write a two-page analytical summary of the group of texts and media for this week.
To receive full credit, each summary must include the following elements:
In your own words, develop a thesis regarding a theme you identified in the readings as a group.
Answer one or more of the questions posed on the syllabus using evidence from each text (including media) to support your argument.
Construct a carefully considered question (or questions) about the readings.

To help you visualize the writing process, you must:
Underline your thesis in the first paragraph

Highlight your evidence from the text (read more about in text citations here)

Bold your citations (use APA format)

Include a reference list

pick 1-2 questions minimum to answer (option of answering all as well)

Why does testing contribute to ongoing
inequities in education? What are the
advantages and disadvantages of high-stakes
testing? Who benefits and who suffers from
high-stakes testing? What is the relationship
between testing and the curriculum? Who
decides what children are taught?

Read: Gorski & Zenkov ch. 2 (Gutierrez)
Read: Gorski & Zenkov ch. 6 (Meier)
Read: Carter & Welner ch. 8 (Zhao & Tienken)

Not required to have more than two quotes to support the argument.