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Why the miniseries is called The Hot Zone?

Hot zone trailer:
General instructions:
Your responsibility for this bonus assignment is to conduct a literature review about Ebola virus using as reference the miniseries The Hot Zone (2019). There are multiple providers that allow you to watch this series online (Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Google play, etc.), but the national geographic (Nat Geo) channel would be your best option. Of course, you must have subscription for any of these providers. It is imperative that you use other sources such as the internet, journal articles, videos, books, newspaper, etc. to answer the questions below accordingly. Use this document (or a new one if you prefer) and answer the questions directly. Make sure you post the assignment within its deadline using the corresponding Turnitin link in Moodle.
Value: 45 Points
1. Why the miniseries is called The Hot Zone?
2. In episode 1, who is Charles Monet? What symptoms did he experienced once he got infected with the level 4 virus?
a. Do you think he exposed other people to this virus? If so, how?
3. In episode 1 Dr. Musoke performed an exploratory surgery. What was this surgery for and what were the results?
4. What is a filovirus? Describe in detail the pathogenic mechanisms associated with this family of viruses.
5. Besides Ebola, what other filovirus infection is mentioned in this series? What is the kill rate in humans?
6. AIDS, which is the most advanced form of HIV is mentioned in this series. Whats the general theory for the origin of AIDS?
7. Who is Nancy Jaax? What is the significance of this character in this miniseries?
8. The EBOLA project was carried out in the USAMRIID. What does USAMRIID stand for and what they do here in the US?
9. In episode 2 you start seeing scientists/microbiologists working in BSL-4 labs. What is a BSL-4 lab and what is unique about this working environment?
a. Describe the suit required to work in Biosafety Level 4.
10. Briefly, describe the history of Biological Weapons in the U.S.
11. What happened to Nancy Jaax while working with Ebola?
12. What kind of morphology or shape was described for this virus in this series? How is this relevant to the pathogenicity of the virus?
13. Who is Wade Carter? What were his contributions in virology?
14. Between episodes 4 and 5 you start seeing deaths of monkeys. Describe these deaths.
15. What is meant by a chain of command in relation to biohazard work?
16. Ebola virus is known to be more a predator than an intracellular pathogen (human parasite). What do you understand from this?
17. Overall, how realistic do you think this series was?