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Women, African Americans, Asians, Native Americans in FILMS

Be sure to have watched the films for this unit: Reel Injun, Smoke Signals, The Celluloid Closet, and Milk. You will want to have them all viewed by May 6th (You don’t have to watch all those films, you can watch one of them if you want and I sent you a link for you to watch the movie Milk. The documentaries give you excellent information on how the group of people that you are studying have been treated by the film industry and the representative films should inspire you that there has been some improvement.Theatre Arts 307Final Exam [50 points]This class has studied the treatment of women, African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, and gays and lesbians in American film. Write an essay in which you discuss the treatment and depiction of these constituencies in American film over the past one hundred years. Discuss the treatment of each and choose representative films that you have viewed at home or in class to support your ideas. Then compare and contrast those issues that may surface as comparable or different between the groups. Please include an introductory and concluding paragraph in your paper.In order to complete this assignment, please choose a film with gay, lesbian, or transgender characters or Native Americans and watch it. Use this film to support your conclusions in the paper on the treatment of gay, lesbian, or transgender or Native Americans in American film. You may use my representative film shown in class for whichever group you dont watch a film about at home.Please remember to write about all groups that we studied.Remember to support all your ideas with examples from representative films. Please remember to underline or italicize all film titles and state the director and release date of each film cited in your paper. Proofread your papers for errors before you turn it into the instructor. Number one error that students make is they leave out a group that we study, that lowers your point total for your paper. Be sure to write about ALL groups. The length of the paper is usually about 5-6 pages.