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Write a comparative review, about 1200 words long, of two books that relate closely to your topic and to each other.

Please use two Secondary (both must be secondary) sources regarding Elizabeth Keckly and compare the two. below are the guidelines given by the instructor. please choose any secondary sources pertaining to Elizabeth Keckly, who was a former slave and eventually Mary Todd Lincoln’s Dressmaker. Please reach out to me beforehand if you have any questions or concerns with the writing prompt, instructions or who the individual I’m referring to is. Thank you so much

Goal: The goal of this assignment is for you to deepen your understanding of the historiographical context of your research project and to help you develop the section of your paper that will focus on historiography.

Instructions: Write a comparative review, about 1200 words long, of two books that relate closely to your topic and to each other. Your review should summarize and critique each book, compare the two works directly, and comment on areas of agreement or disagreement between them. Questions your review should answer include (not necessarily addressed in this order) but are not limited to:

What is the title of each book you are reviewing?
What is the topic of each book?
Who wrote the books? When? Does that affect the content or argument in any significant way you can identify?
What question is each book is attempting to address? What is each books purpose?
What sources does each book use to answer the question it addresses?
What is the argument of each book?
How do the questions, sources, and approaches of the two works differ?
Are there areas of agreement? What are they?
Do you find one book more persuasive than the other? If so, why?
What questions do these two sources, taken together, leave unanswered? Where is there room for further research?

Grading: Your paper will be graded on both content and form. It should have a clear point, articulated in your thesis statement, and each paragraph should have a main point summarized in a topic sentence. Arrange the paragraphs logically so that the main point of one leads to the next and progresses toward a persuasive conclusion. Use evidence, in the form of quotations and examples, to back up your points.