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Write about your experiences in the pandemic

Write about your experiences in the pandemic
We are living through a once-in-a-lifetime event that has altered or disrupted almost every aspect of our daily lives. While writing is often used to explain or argue, as we’ve done in the course up until now, writing can also be used to reflect and record. If you choose this option, I would like you to write a letter that might show someone fifty or a hundred years from now just what your experience of the time during the pandemic was like. What are you doing differently? What has changed in your life? How are people reacting? How are you reacting? You don’t need to use any outside sources (but if you do, be sure to cite it), and you also don’t need to follow the formal essay structure we’ve been using this whole semester (but you can if you want–it works for this too!). Just write about your personal experiences during the pandemic of 2020.
1. Organize your writing into paragraphs, with each paragraph addressing a central idea or topic.

2. Edit your writing carefully. Don’t turn in a first draft!

3. Produce at least 500 words of your own writing.