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United We Stand; Divided We Fall

Objective: Using the strategies presented in class and discussed in your They Say, I Say book, compose an academic essay that summarizes and responds to one of the sources in this unit.

Prompt: Pick ONE of the sources we have done in this unit. Summarize and respond to the author’s overall argument: What is the author saying about the problems, consequences, and possible solutions of a particular social division? Do you agree, disagree, or some combination of the both?

Directions: This is a summary and response essay. You are picking ONE main text to summarize and join the conversation; however, you can bring in other sources (either an outside source or one of the other sources in this unit). If you choose to bring in another source, make sure you connect it to your main source. You must answer the so what/who cares in your essay as well.

Sources (choose one as your ‘main’):

The Other Side is not Dumb
Why America is Self-Segregating
The New Jim Crow
Hillbilly Elegy
The Danger of a Single Story (TED Talk)
How we are priming some kids for college and others for prison (TED Talk)