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1. Select a company from UAE,GCC or any other financial market around the world.2. Download the annual reports for at least 3-4years.3. Choose and calculate any 4 ratios only out of the 16 and show your working under MethodologyPlot the Graphs for the same 4 ratios for your selected company.Analyse your selected company with a competitor in the same industry for the same ratios.Write trend analysis(for 3 years) and competitor analysis(comparing between main company and competitor)The report should not be more than 500 words long.The final report should include:Methodology for calculation of ratios.Show your calculations for the four selected ratios over time and with the competitor. [1 marks]Graph for each ratio [2 marks]Analysis of results-ratio analysis(both trend and competitor) [3 marks]Conclusion and [2 marks]Recommendation [2 marks]